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Gabriel Agamerianz is a personal and group trainer in Jerusalem and Modiin that has more than 15 years of experience working with adults and children. Specializing in functional, weight loss,
krav maga, and self-defense training.




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Urban Coach

"Physical training shapes your mentality before it shapes your body"


Габриель - профессионал высшей категории, поэтому, попав к ними в руки , человек ощущает себя, как у бога за пазухой.Очень рекомендую!


אני מכיר את גבריאל מספר שנים והתאמנתי אצלו לאורך זמן, במספר פאזות, החל מירידה מאסיבית במשקל, דרך בניית מסת שריר ועד לאימון לקראת חתונה.
בכל מצב, מדובר המאמן קשוב, הבונה תכנית אימון אישית מותאמת ומאתגרת, לא מוותר...


Gleb is the best! I trained with him throughout my pregnancy and he kept me fit, motivated, and healthy. I 100% trusted his guidance. He knows exactly how much to push, makes you feel capable and strong, and all while making the workout enjoyable. I can't wait to join his classes again!


An excellent trainer! For young and old. Knows his stuff and manages to push you that much more.


If you’re looking for a coach in Jerusalem or Modiin, look no further than here. I’ve been working with Gleb for over a year learning Krav Maga, BJJ, boxing and MMA and can’t recommend him enough. When you meet Gleb, it’s immediately clear that he knows his stuff, and he demonstrates that even further with his patient and professional training style.


I trained with Gleb twice a week for six months and he is excellent. He is professional and very knowledgeable, introducing me to new exercises that further strengthened my body while taking into account my personal needs. He also has a great sense of humour, making the workouts fun. I highly recommend Gleb to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness and health.

Yih Peng Chia

100% recommend Gabriel as a trainer! He has a quick understanding of your personal strengths and limits and knows how and when to keep pushing you. He really follows your fitness-level development and continuously tweaks the workouts so they always fit you and your situation best (and it never gets too easy), meaning every workout is different so you can never get bored or too used to a routine. And he's simply a super nice guy with the right mix of authority and a sense of humor to keep you motivated and having fun. Easily the best trainer in and around Jerusalem!


שלום לכל הרוצים לעצב לחזק ולהתעצם.

מתאמן עם גבריאל למעלה מ7 שנים.

גלב ספורטאי מקצוען מכיר שיטות אימון שונות ומגוונות.תמיד כיף מאתגר ומעניין שילוב של כח סיבות איגרוף ועוד....

תמיד מלווה בחוש הומור!

  ממליץ בחום!


Gabriel is the best! I trained with him for two years and really enjoyed his sessions. I never used to do any sports, but became a lot more fit and a lot more healthy with Gleb. If you are looking for an effective and committed personal trainer, I warmly recommend Gleb.


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