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If you are living and growing up in Ukraine, you have to know how to fight, it's part of the package, so by the age of 6 I started Karate. It quickly realised that martial art and sport in general are much more than just working on your body. Proper physical training gives you a very strong mental base, a base that improves your overall wellbeing and self-confidence, leading to a better life.


After my family moved to Israel I continued to practice and learn from top coaches, I studied and practiced in different fields such as human movement, mental and physical coaching, fitness, crossfit and combat systems. Throughout the years my passion for helping, teaching, coaching and educating people grew into something bigger than just physical training. Today training for me is shaping personality and spirit before shaping the body.


I follow a holistic approach to training. As human beings, we strive to live our lives without pain, both physical and emotional. Unfortunately in today's fast paced, demanding world very few of us achieve the goal of a life free of pain. Holistically, I focus on health before strength. Before working on a washboard stomach or bigger lift, we need to be pain free and know how to use our machine – our body.


My journey taught me a few very important values:


Be honest with yourself, forget about the fake and artificial things in life. Artificial flowers, artificial food, artificial relationships – don't play this game. Be honest.


Mindfulness means knowing and discovering who you are, a vital key to your progress. Dig deeper to get better answers; it will help your self-awareness if your life is in harmony – body, mind and spirit.


Breathe Deeply and rhythmically. Don't forget to breathe as life is very different once you start breathing properly.


Kindness respect and love are very important values that every human being needs to practice and expand in their life. Start with yourself, then share it with others.


Move and Flow because we are all different, we all have a different agendas and journeys. Remember what you want to achieve, respect it and move on. Life is dynamic, the more you move and flow the more energy you will have. More energy equals a better quality of life.


Certified Crossfit Level 1, Certified Crossfit Kids, Certified Wingate Gym instructor, Certified Wingate sport management, Black Belt 2 Dan - Skornik Israel Combat, Certified Krav Maga Trainer, Wingate Certified Martial art instructor, 7+ Years PE Teacher

Remember that life is too short to be boring and static. Move, love, play, have fun and laugh.

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