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Join personal and group training with me, whether your goal is to get stronger, leaner, faster, or whatever your goal is I am here to help you with it.




After more than 15 years of training and coaching, training clients from diverse backgrounds, and helping them achieve different personal goals, I have learned what works and what doesn't. I'm happy to share this learning with you.

The main benefit of working with a coach is that you will achieve your goals faster and avoid many mistakes. Our time is valuable, and we shouldn't waste it on "reinventing the wheel" or relying on youtube videos for training - this approach is unprofessional.

A professional approach involves learning the training fundamentals and gaining the skills and knowledge that are imperative for your success under professional guidance and supervision.

קרב מגע והגנה עצמית
אימוני כושר אישיים בירושלים ומודיעין
Personal & Group trainings in Jerusalem and Modiin

Programs tailored to your needs and goals

Learn proper form and technique

Monitor progress towards achieving your goals

Get motivation and accountability 

Receive guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes

Increase strength, endurance, and flexibility

Reduce risk of injury with proper instruction

Achieve your fitness goal faster 

Maximize training time with efficient workouts

My goal is to build personal training program that fits your lifestyle, schedule and budget. I strive to keep our workouts challenging and engaging, so you get the most out of every session.


Are you ready to take your training to the next level? If so, welcome aboard!

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